Murder, Mayhem, & Miles

Conversation Paced workout with American Ghost Adventure's Ghost Ambassador, Heather

October 13, 2022 Season 1 Episode 23
Murder, Mayhem, & Miles
Conversation Paced workout with American Ghost Adventure's Ghost Ambassador, Heather
Show Notes

Hey, friend,

Thank you for joining me for Running Scared with Coach Christine.

If you are a runner and enjoy a spooky tale or a  true crime enthusiast, you have found your corner of the internet!

Friends, we continue our spooky season adventures with Ghost Ambassador Heather from
American Ghost Adventures.

This isn't the run-of-the-mill tourist trap ghost tour; the folks at American Ghost Adventures take the local history and paranormal investigations and add fun to their tours.

So whether you book a Spirits with the Spirits Pub Tour, decide to skip the "tricks" and treat yourself with one of their Ultimate tours, or book the incredibly exclusive Greenwood Cemetary tour, this is THE group for you!

Ghost Ambassador Heather shares her love for the paranormal and takes us on a journey to Central Florida. In this conversation-paced run or walk workout, you'll hear and learn about Gordon Roger's building with Mr. Rogers and the Lady in White; you'll hear about an imposing figure, the Big Guy, and how YOU can influence the tour with your presence, and a Presidential perk of tea service in the after-life at a historical inn.

We just scratched the surface, but you can learn more and book your tour by visiting -
American Ghost Adventures' Website

This is a 40-minute run workout:

5 min - walking warm-up 

8 min conversation pace

2 min - walk

8 min conversation pace

2 min -walk 

8min conversation pace

1 min - surge 

5 min cool-down walk

We will be using
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Please consult a physician before starting any new exercise routine.

Thank you for joining! 

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